Internship Programme

TaWiMA + Nomad Tanzania

Over 10 years’ experience in Wildlife Photography and travelling to different National Parks in Tanzania and Kenya for personal and other intriguing projects has enabled him to gain skills, knowledge and experience in the industry which he shares through mentoring and supervising keen young wildlife photographers in Tanzania.

In collaboration with other Wildlife Photographers and filmmakers in Tanzania, we conduct Wildlife Photography Workshops for Interns under TaWiMA + NOMAD TANZANIA Internship programme.

The internship is an opportunity for Tanzanian youth to gain basic and general skills related to the art of wildlife and camp photography. The trainee/ intern joins TaWiMA supervisors in order to develop skills and gain a learning-in-practice experience for a period of one week in a Nomad-Tanzania camp.

The Internship programmes run yearly and are advertised on TaWiMA website and social media accounts @tawima_tz.

Please follow the accounts including @pchozza social media account for you not to miss the opportunity