Miguel & Angela Kilwanda: A Photographer’s Wedding

It was about 3 to 4 weeks before the wedding date, I got a call from Kilwanda inquiring if I would be available for a photography gig he had. I never knew that the job entitled his own wedding. So upon meeting him, it was a surprise and an honor for him to select my team and I to be among his photographers, and I would say he really had everything well planned for the wedding. He had set-up a whole team to assist to capture his special day. My task was to photograph the Groom. I would say that this

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Escape to Family Cottage #001

One of those hot Saturdays in Dar es salaam that one feels like getting out of town away from the hustles of the week be it work or tackling the long foleni’s in town. On short notice we decided to pay a visit to a property nearby; my wife and I decided to have a small road trip to Bagamoyo, specifically to Family Cottages. It was a short notice but we were lucky to get a vacant cottage.

The property has 6 fully furnished bungalows (yes only 6, the fewer the better 🙂 ) and they all

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Hello World – Here I come

Hellow World. This isn’t a usual typical heading for the first blog, but yes it is, and I would like to introduce me.

I am Hozza, a photographer having an affinity towards wildlife, nature and travel (and now Weddings and Events as well 🙂 ) who for the past 3 days, since publishing this post, have been working hard to finalize this website, and basically this is after being pushed and reminded several times by my wife to ensure that this website is finished. I thank the almighty Lord for the guidance and strength that I can happily say that I have finally accomplished it. I will be posting most of my adventures here and hopefully wedding moments that I will have a privilege to attend and document.

Expect mostly reviews of my safaris as my main goal is to cover all the 16 National Parks and Game Reserves in Tanzania, and sharing the stories I encounter while I am on these journeys, especially, sharing with you on the easy ways to access these Parks, the costs incurred, and reviewing the campsites, lodges or hotels that I will have had an opportunity to spend a day in or just a visit. It’s not that I haven’t

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