The “PIE” List

The “PIE” List

So I will start this list with a small formula so as to make things clear.

Circumference = 2π x R. The radius of the earth at the equator is 6,378 KM, hence the circumference, the distance around the earth at its longest, equator is = 2 x 6,378 x pie (3.142) = giving a whopping 40,091.92km. Let’s say that one is an athlete (like I am 😀 ) and runs about 15km a day for 5 days a week (resting on the 6th and 7th Day), then he/she will take an approximately 10 to 11 years to run around the world using the longest route, the equator.

My point here is that, regardless of the years we have on this planet, we need to travel and explore different areas, meet people with different point of views and live the life that we are proud of, with self-fulfillment.

Some would refer this list as a Bucket list, but I call it the “the Pie List“. My main reason for this is to put a reminder that the world is too large for one life, hence need not to waste it. I made a decision; to live life with satisfaction of achievement, every time referencing the “Pie” and remembering the circumference of the earth, over 40,000km, what have I explored?

Well it also keeps me organized, a reference point for all my poetic adventures, travel and wildlife exploration safaris around the world.

Zanzibar Sunset Bliss

Here goes, with no particular order (NB: List will be updated time to time check version at the end of the list):


  1. Visit all National Parks and Game Reserves in Tanzania
    1. Selous Game Reserve ✔  (2018)
    2. Serengeti National Park ✔ (2016) (2017)(2018)
    3. Kilimanjaro National Park ✔ (2017)
    4. Mikumi National Park ✔ (2018)
    5. Arusha National Park ✔ (2016)
    6. Lake Manyara National Park ✔ (2016)(2018)
    7. Tarangire National Park ✔ (2015)(2016)(2018)
    8. Lake Natron Game Reserve ✔ (2018)
    9. Still Touring 🙂
  2. Visit all National Parks and Game Reserves in Kenya
    1. Maasai Mara National Park ✔(2014)
  3. See the sunrise at the roof of Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro
  4. Proper Migration safari and witnessing Mara River Crossing, Serengeti National Park and Maasai Mara
  5. Get the iconic Mr. Kilimanjaro photograph with elephants in the foreground, Amboseli National Park
  6. Face to Face with the BIG FIVE.


  1. Come face to face with a silver back Gorilla, in Rwanda or Uganda
  2. Drive through the Sani Pass in the West of KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaYoung Lion – Selous Game Reserve
  3. Experience the Livingstone Island Tour, Zambia and off course a swim Devil’s Pool 🙂
  4. The Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt


  1. See what is all the excitement about Antelope Canyon, Arizona
  2. Visit BandH HQ, New York
  3. Face to Face with a Bear, Polar or Brown, US or Canada


  1. See the Polar lights
  2. Experience Dog Sledding


  1. Holy Land Tour, Israel
  2. Face to face with a giant Panda, China
  3. The Terracotta Warriors and Horses, China
  4. See what is all the fuss about the Dubai Miracle Garden 🙂
  5. Face to face with a Tiger, India
  6. Trekking Snow Leopards, India
  7. The Taj Mahal, India


  1. A visit at the Rådhuset metro station, Stockholm


  1. Kangaroo spotting in Australia
  2. Maldives, the beautiful Maldives

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Last Updated: 01 June 2018