Selous Game Reserve

Remote, raw and filled with wildlife, Selous is the largest Game reserve in Africa with an areo of about 21 000 square miles (55,000 square km). The immense size is difficult to imagine, over 3 times the size of the Serengeti. The immense size of the park makes it ideal for the traveller seeking a sense of isolation, exploration, and discovery. Few other vehicles will be visible.

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An Endangered Species – Farewell to Online Content

This January I had an opportunity to visit the Selous Game Reserve. It was among one of my adventurous tours to complete and showcase to the world how beautiful Tanzania Parks are and how to access them at a Budget, or review the different companies that I have used during my tours. You can find the rest of my schedule from my Pie List that I was to update from time to time.

African wild dogs are some of Africa’s lesser known animals and due to their being critically endangered.

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