Miguel & Angela Kilwanda: A Photographer’s Wedding

Miguel & Angela Kilwanda: A Photographer’s Wedding

It was about 3 to 4 weeks before the wedding date, I got a call from Kilwanda inquiring if I would be available for a photography gig he had. I never knew that the job entitled his own wedding. So upon meeting him, it was a surprise and an honor for him to select my team and I to be among his photographers, and I would say he really had everything well planned for the wedding. He had set-up a whole team to assist to capture his special day. My task was to photograph the Groom. I would say that this is a big honor for my photography career for Kilwanda as one of legend photographer to bestow the task to my team and I in documenting his special day.

The lovely couple, Miguel and Angela chose Friday as their wedding day. It was a strategic move for them, first, you get to have a selection of wedding reception venues that aren’t booked, especially the most famous one. Secondly, Furahi day is the grooves day, your guests get to have a day to enjoy themselves as well J, Party day after the hustles of the week.

It was a lovely and classic day and the photos will indicate how each guests enjoyed the day.

A small preview of the event photos

The day started with the famous SPESHOZ dressing the groom at his residence, whom he was still busy trying to give directions

Some of the Groom jewelry detailed photos.

And we were off to church, Azania Front. Some excellent work that was done by Wedding Planner 8

I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Kilwanda

101 Team and Poetic Snapshots (Hozza Photography), there to capture Kilwanda’s Wedding

And I was selfish enough to get one photo with the Groom :). Photograph thanks to NELSON

The photo shoot took place at Serena.

The Décor setup at Golden Jubilee was classic.

Banana Zoro and the Band was there to Entertain.

And the groove was on.

This photo has among Tanzania’s Events and Entertainment experts, from Left we have MC Cheni, Daniel from DWORKS studios, GM of GRM Productions, GM of Fortune StudiosKilwanda Productions aka the GROOM

This is one creative Idea from Dorka Catering, It’s all LOVE and DONUTS, you get to pick yourself a donut as desert.

And Finaly the scrumptious cake from Kisanga Confectinary