An Endangered Species – Farewell to Online Content

An Endangered Species – Farewell to Online Content

This January I had an opportunity to visit the Selous Game Reserve. It was among one of my adventurous tours to complete and showcase to the world how beautiful Tanzania Parks are and how to access them at a Budget, or review the different companies that I have used during my tours. You can find the rest of my schedule from my Pie List that I was to update from time to time.

African wild dogs are some of Africa’s lesser known animals and due to their being critically endangered. My main goal to visit the Selous Game Reserve was to have a glimpse and photograph this beautiful animal. Hence I set out a 3 full day game drive for the game reserve en-route to Mikumi National Park. I was in luck and on the 3rd day after almost giving up tracking this wild dogs, and we were almost leaving the reserve en-route to Mikumi National Park, we finally got a radio call alert from one of Selous game rangers that the dogs were spotted just by the reserve’s entrance gate. It was luck and we didn’t waste any time drove back and the photos I captured were satisfactory enough as they shyly hid themselves in thick shrubs.

Anyway, I couldn’t have chosen a better photo to represent this post than the endangered African wild dog. As this will be my last blog post for this journal website as to adhere to Tanzania’s Electronic and Postal Communications Act. Blogging is no longer a free will/affair in Tanzania. The government has introduced registration and annual license fees for blogs or websites, online radio and TV streaming services, and we will be required to pay an amount of Tsh 1,000,000/- per annum as license fee. My journal (as I would like to call it rather than blog)

hasn’t yet started generating any money, as I had plenty of ideas in reviewing (web and video) a number of tour companies, hotels, guides and all aspects of tourism in Tanzania, to give more information to both Domestic and International tourists a review of a traveler who has had opportunity to travel and interact with respective service providers. In turn, market our lovely wonderful and unforgettable Tanzania, its Parks and beautiful sandy beach. Sad as it is, end of my blogging until I get the funds to pay for the licence. However, all my photographs for the upcoming trips will be available for sale via as well as don’t forget to visit my pie list and my instagram page to know which adventurous trips are next. With the grace of the Almighty Lord Jesus Christ, this July or August I will be chasing the migration in Serengeti.

For future blogs, I will find forums that are already registered and adhere to the Tanzanian law like Travel Advisor….but wait…is Travel Advisor from a local content creator? Mmhhhh (thinking) I hope all other bloggers and idealists aren’t also becoming endangered species.

Below is a taste of the beauty of Selous Game Reserve. All photos available for print. Kindly contact